Mt. Diablo Landscaping and Maintenance LLC offers expert Drainage Solutions to residents in Alexandria, Alexandria City, Annandale, Arlington, Burke, Falls Church, Fairfax, Fairfax Station, Lorton, Mount Vernon, Springfield.

Drainage Solutions – Re-Grading

Drainage problems can cause extensive damage and create major headaches for you as a homeowner. There are many solutions to these problems ranging from re-grading the soil, a simple downspout extension to an extensive french drain system or channel drain. We will guide you to the right solution that is suited for your property.

Proper grading is a very important part of successful water flow across your property. An improper grade can cause problems ranging from standing water to severe erosion. Re-grading using a variety of techniques is critical to remedy most drainage issues. Independence can re-grade any area of your property, big or small. We have the equipment to do the job.

Drainage Solutions – French Drains

French drains are a very effective drainage system which channels water away from an area where water usually will collect. A sleeved perforated pipe is surrounded in a trench of drainage gravel. Covered back over with soil and grass, this underground drainage system pulls water away from notoriously wet areas of your property. Combined with re-grading and downspout extensions, this delivers an outstanding solution for water-related issues.

Channel Drain/Trench Drain

A channel drain is used for a number of areas including within a driveway, at the edge of a patio, walkway, or pool deck. The water drains through the top grate, down into a shallow channel, and out through underground pipes to the desired location. These drains are great for preventing erosion along the edges of paved areas and preventing water from washing into a garage or landscape bed.

Drainage Solutions – Dry Creek Beds

Dry creek beds allow water to flow through an area when necessary, greatly reducing erosion and other water-related issues. Using decorative river jack gravel and even larger boulders, you can enhance the look of any area while getting a great drainage solution.

Drainage Solutions – Downspout Extensions

Roof drainage problems can cause extensive damage to your home costing thousands of dollars. There are many solutions to these problems ranging from a simple downspout extension to an extensive french drain system or channel drain. We will guide you to the right solution suited for your property.

Extending your downspouts underground to a proper exit point is a drainage solution many homeowners overlook. Most often connected to a pop-up emitter, this pipe carries the water exiting your downspouts away from your house and lawn.

Drainage Solutions – For Your Basement and Foundations

It is very important to keep your basement dry to eliminate mold, a soggy foundation, and mildew. Basement water damage can cost the home owner tens of thousands of dollars to repair. It is highly recommended that you give your basement as much or more attention than any area in your house. Any leaks, condensation, mold, or flooding must first be eliminated before any room additions or carpet or tile can be installed.

For this home owner we rebuilt the outside basement stairs and landscaped the entry with patio pavers to eliminate water flow into the basement and provide a beautiful entry way.Call us today for all your drainage problems.


“Daniel everything seems to be holding up and keeping flooding at bay. Thanks for everything. The drainage project could not be more timely with all this rain we’ve been getting!”
— Christina in Alexandria

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